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Welcome to the UKWebAd Boat Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Boat Books and DVDs.

The books and dvds can be purchased by clicking on the “Check Price and Buy It” link below the review. Purchase is in association with Amazon so you can be sure of secure online payment and fast delivery.

ISBN 0713661275

This book is the most comprehensive, helpful and up to date guide ever written on selecting, equipping and sailing a cruising yacht. Destined to become the bible for prospective boat buyers and cruisers, whether coastal or world-girdling, it successfully covers all the technical and practical aspects of cruising yachts and systems in one unique book. Written by Nigel Calder, one of the most respected nautical how-to authors with extensive cruising experience and a rare ability to reduce complexities to simple explanations, this book shows the reader not only how to select and equip a yacht for coastal or offshore cruising, but also how to sail and navigate it, addressing the concerns of beginners and experienced owners alike. This is the book the cruising world has long been waiting for. There is, quite literally, nothing else like it.

ISBN 0071343253

1,001 tested tips from the world's largest boating magazine: Sandy Lindsey, a boat-maintenance contributor for BOATING¨ Magazine for many years, has culled the best of her years of advice and the top suggestions from her readers. These handy, natural solutions work amazingly well and are environmentally friendly. Boats last longer and look more beautiful with proper care. But that care takes a lot less time when you work smart. See how you can make your winterizing and spring commissioning chores go much faster. QUICK & EASY BOAT MAINTENANCE covers all your boat's systems: deck, hull, cabin, engine, bilge, electrical systems, tanks, and gear. And it's all in a concise, easy-to-read format that makes finding your answers a snap. Putting these helpful hints to work can change your boating life.

ISBN 0486259463

Mr Pidgeon's abrupt style is very enjoyable. Not only did he sail round the world, but he built the boat single handed as well. A wothwhile and rewarding read.

ISBN 0713668725

The moment you buy your first sailing cruiser is one that will always be special. This book sets out to ensure the experience is a happy one. And for the second, third or many-time buyer too, there is much advice and practical help here too, from recommended pro-formas for a Bill of Sale between two private individuals, to the latest regulations and practice on registration, customs and tax documentation. This second edition updated with new photographs, now in colour, and with up-to-date advice, should prove invaluable for anyone pursuing their dream of buying a sailing cruiser.

ISBN 1904475027

ISBN 039330602X

ISBN 039331880X

Phil Berman's revised edition of his original 1982 publication includes updated information of names and numbers of catamaran models, new photographs and a whole new chapter on the modern phenomenon of performance sails. In part 1 he guides the reader through the initial stages of buying a catamaran and basic sailing techniques useful to any novice sailor. Part 2 takes the reader one step further, introducing spinnakers, racing tactics and surfing with the concluding third part concentrating on maintenance and safety. Throughout the book photographs and diagrams illustrate the text and the useful glossary helps the beginner understand the many unusual terms used by sailors.

ISBN 0070419981

This volume aims to help the reader choose the sailboat best suited to their needs. It shows how to judge a production fibreglass sailboat's strengths and weaknesses, and covers maintenance.

ISBN 0713665882

This book is an out-and-out crammer - a concise but comprehensive guide to revising for, and above all, passing the RYA day skipper exam. It covers all the essentials of the RYA syllabus assuming no prior knowledge, arranged and highlighted to make revising easier - so you can skim through the book on the train home, or just before you go into an exam.

ISBN 0713662239

Covering the theory and practical aspects of the RYA Day Skipper Certificate, this textbook offers a simple introduction to pilotage, navigation and general boatwork for anyone intending to make coastal passages in a small boat. Practical situations are simulated and a full-scale practice chart is included so that readers can practice the basics of navigation ashore using the navigation exercises in the book.

ISBN 0720720168

Offering comprehensive guidance on sailing skills and techniques, this revised edition provides an instructional course in basic and advanced sailing, cruising, navigation, meteorology, maintenance and safety. It is intended for anyone who thinks of taking up sailing in earnest or just as a weekend relaxation, and also for the more experienced sailor who may need to improve or update his or her technique.

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ISBN 1905104057

This title is clearly presented in full colour, with lots of easy-to-follow illustrations and photographs. Broken down into five advanced course modules of the National Sailing Scheme: Day Sailing, Seamanship skills, Sailing with Spinnakers, Start Racing and Performance Sailing.

ISBN 0901501875

Useful for those with yachting experience, this is an official handbook of the RYA Competent Crew Course.

ISBN 0713667087

Complimenting "Day Skipper" by the same authors, this new edition contains additional question papers on chartwork, tides, pilotage and passage planning, all with fully explained answers and new general knowledge questions on seamanship, anchorwork, ropework and rules of the road - all part of the Day Skipper course. A free practice chart is included, as are all the necessary pilotage notes, tide tables and tidal curves so that the questions can be completed without reference to other publications.

ISBN 1843300044

This practical, illustrated guide provides the ideal introduction to the complex, challenging skill of sailing. It offers a concise but authoritative explanation, in text and diagrams, of everything a beginner needs to know before getting on the water, from parts of a boat to how the wind works on a sail. Photographs demonstrate the on-the-water techniques, from hoisting the sail to tacking and gybing. Once these essentials are mastered, the reader can sail any size and shape of dinghy, whether to race or cruise, whether single-handedly or in a team. A chapter details the types of sailing dinghy available and explains how to choose the right one. Understanding wind, weather and current, the rules of the road at sea, coastguard safety and dealing with minor injuries are fully covered.

ISBN 0713661496

This is an electrical book with a difference. Based on one of Practical Boot Owner magazine's most successful series, Alastair Garrod's cutting edge computer generated artwork and clear uncomplicated text succeeds in simplifying an extremely complicated subject in a new and exciting way. This is a ground-breaking book with several unique features: * very clear, well illustrated explanations of boat electrical systems * no offputting formulae or calculations * a four-page fold out illustration of a yacht's complete electrical layout * a resume of the world's leading marine electrical websites * troubleshooting information * the only colour illustrated boat electrics book on the market.

ISBN 0713668660

This is a user-friendly, practical manual for all onboard electrical projects - from fixing loose connections to rewiring the entire boat. Simple, clear and abundantly illustrated, it is the key to understanding and customizing all aspects of a boat's electrical systems. DC and AC wiring materials and techniques are all covered, as are batteries, alternators, inverters, generators, corrosion control and alternative energy installations (solar, wind and water). There are detailed instructions for wiring radios and navigation equipment, installing cabin lights, navigation lights, burglar alarms, battery charge indicators, bilge alarms and much more. Extensive tables summarize the most important specifications in a quick-reference format.

ISBN 0713668679

This is the book for crews of any size contemplating voyages out of sight of land anywhere in the world, whether racing or cruising. It gives a clear message of the sort of preparations required, and the tactics which should be considered when it comes on to blow.

ISBN 0751302813

Part of the "Learn In a Weekend" series, this book focuses on learning to sail a boat. The series offers courses for the beginner which can be completed in two days. Each activity is devised by an expert and aims to help the beginner become a competent practitioner.

ISBN 090128100X

Sailing and crusing to distant shores can be as cheap or expensive as the pocket desires. This bestseller is about how to get the right boat, prepare it and organize the financial side of life, so that you can manage the costs.

ISBN 0901501794

ISBN 0713663235

This is a follow on from "RYA Book of Navigation Exercises " and is a companion to the "RYA Book of Navigation". Here are graded practice ques tions and answers at both Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster levels. A practice chart is provided, along with extracts from tide tables and almanacs.

ISBN 007137616X

All sailors want to believe their boats can go anywhere and stand up to anything. Who knows when you might get caught by bad weather? It's enough to worry about your own responses without worrying about the safety of your boat. The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat explains feature by feature how you can refit your boat for worry-free bluewater voyaging. Take the unique diagnostic questionnaire to determine whether your boat is capable of offshore sailing, then let John Vigor show you step by step how to get there, as he covers everything from structural modifications and reinforcements to rigging, engines, systems, and gear. Whether you're planning an offshore voyage or just dreaming of one, The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat is the perfect guide.

ISBN 0713670509

Reeds Yacht Buyer's Guide is a complete reference to new and second-hand yachts in the 22-40ft range. An invaluable aid to prospective buyers, it gives details of: length, beam and draught; rig and sail plan; number of berths and accommodation layout; keel and engine type; water and fuel tank capacity; designer and builder. There is a description of each yacht's characteristics as well as guidance on its suitability for different types of sailing: shoal waters, offshore cruising, family sailing, cruiser racing etc. Photographs and internal layout plans for each yacht help complete the picture for prospective buyers. If you are dreaming of buying your first yacht or wanting to trade up to something different, this is the ultimate reference guide. Begin from the comfort of your armchair, and use it as an on-the-water spotter's guide.

ISBN 076455039X

Advice and jargon busting diagrams, to break down the myths and barriers for everything from buying the right equipment, finding your way around a sail boat, setting sail for the first time and becoming an accomplished sailor.

ISBN 0713660864

Since it was first published, Sell Up and Sail has become the bible for those cruising as a way of life, whether short or long-term. It tells you all you need to know - and at what stage you need to know it - from the practicalities and pitfalls of early retirement, choosing a boat to live in, looking after her on the move, and organising your finances, to preventing ill health afloat, choosing suitable cruising grounds, achieving successful crew interaction and provisioning in far flung places. The fourth edition has been updated to take account of the recent far-reaching changes in bureaucracy, navigation and communications which have changed the life of the typical long-term cruiser. Sell Up and Sail is the complete kit for the cruising lifestyle: whether to coral islands or inland waterways, it is all here in this witty and readable book.

ISBN 0850364108

Are you thinking of making a single-handed passage? Are you wondering if your boat is suitable? This title on single-handed sailing examines such topics as how to choose your self-steering, how to adapt rigging and gear, what stores to take and how to stow them and how to prepare for bad weather.

ISBN 0901501824

ISBN 1853107875

This guide stresses the importance of survival techniques at sea and is written by experienced round-the-world sailors. They recommend the traditional skill of heaving to, but in addition, employing a drogue, so rigged that it keeps the bow at a quartering angle to the approaching seas.

ISBN 0713670541

All boaters - whether at sea, on rivers or canals, and whether on dinghies, yachts, canalboats or motor-cruisers - need to know how to tie and use a variety of knots. The RYA Book of Knots now reissued with 2-colour diagrams for easy reference, will enable the reader to master over 50 of the most useful knots they will ever need The knots are divided into groups such as stopper knots, bends, loops and hitches, each of which is used for different purposes. The clear illustrations show how to tie each knot and for which situations it is most useful. There is a handy indication of which knots are easy to tie quickly in emergencies, and which work best with natural or artificial fibre ropes, and finally advice on securing rope ends.

ISBN 0713663227

A reference for those following RYA navigation courses, from Day Skipper through to Yachtmaster Offshore. It seeks to discuss everything the reader needs to know to navigate a yacht or motorboat from one port to another safely and accurately. The author progresses logically through the stages of navigation, explaining each clearly and with the aid of diagrams. This second edition is updated to cover developments in the exam syllabuses, including electronic navigation.

ISBN 0713664150

Since first publication The Complete Yachtmaster has established itself as the standard reference for students of RYA Yachtmaster exams as well as skippers of all levels of experience. Bringing together all the essentials of modern cruising in one volume, it is the highly respected first and last word on the subject from a vastly experienced and well liked Yachtmaster Examiner. Required reading for anyone skippering a yacht.

ISBN 0713667567

Nigel Calder, a diesel mechanic for more than 25 years, is also a boatbuilder, cabinetmaker, and machinist. He and his wife built their own cruising sailboat, Nada, a project they completed in 1984. Calder is author of numerous articles for Yachting Monthly and many other magazines worldwide, as well as the bestselling Boatowner's Practical and Technical Cruising Manual and Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual, both published by Adlard Coles Nautical. Here, in this goldmine of a book, is everything the reader needs to keep their diesel engine running cleanly and efficiently. It explains how diesel engines work, defines new terms, and lifts the veil of mystery that surrounds such engines. Clear and logical, this extensively illustrated guide will enable the reader to be their own diesel mechanic.

ISBN 0713657243

This handbook provides owners with all the information they need to select, install, maintain and troubleshoot all the electrical and electronic systems on a boat This edition has been expanded to cover the internet, e-mail, GMDSS, updated radio frequencies as well as giving sound advice on battery capacity, charging systems, lightning and corrosion protection , refrigeration, heating, desalinators, generators, radar, autopilots, computers and much more.

ISBN 0070123543

This hands-on guide to diesel engines renders its subject more user-friendly than ever before. Every step of every procedure is illustrated, so that users can work from the illustrations alone. The troubleshooting charts in the second chapter are followed by system-specific chapters, allowing readers to quickly diagnose problems. Although part of the Sailboat Library, this book applies to any marine diesel.


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